Solar Panels
Solar Panel is a set of solar photovoltaic modules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure. A photovoltaic module is a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each module is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions (STC), and typically ranges from 10W to 300W.

maxSOLAR offers a wide range of crystalline silicon solar PV modules ideal for both off-grid and grid connected systems.

  • With high efficiency Silicon cells
  • With both mono and polycrystalline solar cells
  • Optimum combination of high quality raw materials
  • Light weight and anodized Aluminum frame
  • Meets IEC and UL standards
  • Low maintenance, high efficiency

Quality and standard

  • IEC 61215 standard PV module, UL certification
  • Over voltage Disconnect/ load prioritization.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • High voltage protection.
  • Deep Discharge Protection


Mono crystalline solar panels are made up of one continuous silicon sheet without any dispersed or broken crystals. These types of panels have several advantages compared to other types.

The fact that they are made from the purest form of silicon results in maximum efficiency. They generate four times more electricity than the thin film solar panels.

They consume less space as compared to the other types of solar panels.

They have the longest lifetime and perform better even in low light conditions.• They are more heat tolerant and therefore perform better in summers.


Unlike the previous type, polycrystalline solar panels are made up of several silicon sheets and crystals. This affects the efficiency which is an important factor to be considered while making the solar panel comparison for residential use.

Polycrystalline solar panels are easy to install and maintain.

They waste less amount of silicon and are therefore more cost effective.


Also known as thin film photovoltaic panels, these are made by joining multiple thin layers of the PV substance on a substrate.

  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Cost efficient
  • Flexible in terms of functions and applications
  • High temperature resistant
  • Efficiency is affected less by the overshadowing of trees

Hybrid Panels

The main manufacturer of hybrid panels is Panasonic (formerly Sanyo). Their HIT module which has a thin layer of amorphous solar film behind the monocrystalline cells. The extra amorphous layer extracts even more energy from the available sunlight, particularly in low light conditions. These are the most efficient panels available, so they take up the least space on your roof.
Solar Optimizers
In an off-grid or in the case of grid connected PV plants, different PV panels with same ratings are connected. The combined optimum power of these modules will rarely be equal to the sum of optimal power of each individual module due to several reasons such as soiling of panels, partial shadowing or non-uniform degradation of panels. A few underperforming modules in an array can result in loss of power for the entire string. This loss can be as high as 5-7% and can further escalate by non-uniform ageing of different panels.

Innovation in Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) brings you distributed MPPT solutions which addresses this concern. This solution helps optimize the energy generation per panel and prevents the performance of the entire string going down if one or more modules degrade.

In addition to optimization features, distributed MPPT Solutions come with monitoring capabilities that help monitor health of each panel and communicate vital panel parameters such as power/energy generated per panel, individual panel temperature, voltage and current, weather conditions.


  • Proprietary innovative, non-invasive architecture ensuring high reliability and lower cost
  • Peak efficiency as high as 99%
  • Power optimization without any module to module communication
  • Any Inverter / Module compatibility
  • Flexible solution for selective installation
  • Auto bypass in case of a faulty module
  • Over-load protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Rugged enclosure design
  • Module monitoring and alarms


  • Recovers mismatch losses
  • Delivers more power in shading conditions
  • Prevents failed module from dropping a whole string
  • Makes array design easy
  • Allows mix-and-match of PV module types
  • No risk of module obsolescence
  • Highly cost effective solution helps realize lower cost of energy
Solar Power Conditioning Units
Pure Sine Wave Output is safest combination of UPS, Inverter and Voltage Stabilizer as it provides Pure Sine Wave Output. It is powered by micro controller digital technology. You can run all appliances altogether including Tube lights, Fans & Computer which eliminates the need of two equipments for similar applications, at your home or office.

The Solar Power Conditioning Units are programmed with prioritized Solar operation, which enables the complete utilization of the Solar Power inspite of the availability of the utility grid.


  • Advance Microprocessor based design
  • Automatic Line to Battery change over
  • High efficiency DC to AC conversion
  • Auto self-testing with auto self fault detection
  • Solar PV reverse voltage protection
  • Electronic over current charging protection
  • Fully regulated charge controller inside
  • Reverse current flow protection battery to solar array
  • Takes zero current from input if solar power is present
  • No mechanical contact for charge controller
  • All the time constant current changing

Quality and Standards

  • Inverter IEC 61683 Std / IEC 60068, UL certification

Off-grid Inverters

  • Advance microprocessor based design
  • Automatic changeover
  • Separate part for solar input
  • Overload protection auto restart
  • Input & output Isolated
  • Auto Bypass
  • Sleek design
  • Compatible with SMF and Tubular battery

On-grid Inverters

  • Advance DSP control Technology
  • Upto 96% high conversion efficiency
  • >99.5% MPPT Efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Single Phase and three phase
  • LCD display to monitor parameters
  • Communication interface option
  • Compliance to Indian standard

String Inverters

  • Three phase bi-directional Inverter with built in autotransformer
  • Low harmonic distortion (less than 4%)
  • High efficiency, more than 95%
  • Separate DC bus for multiple source charging
  • Automatic/Manual generator control
  • Monitor energy available from the renewable energy source (solar) and minimize the charging current
Solar Batteries
Solar batteries are the core component of Solar application both off-grid and gird connected. Also called “Deep cycle Batteries”, solar batteries aren’t regular type of batteries. Off-grid Photovoltaic Solar Power equipment requires battery to store the energy accumulated during the sunny hours, for use at night. These solar batteries store the energy from the main source Sun, unlike the conventional batteries where the power source comes from the Mains (Utility). In most applications Lead acid batteries are preferred as these are maintenance free and do not emit any harmful gases during the charging process.
  • Specially designed for arduous SPV application.
  • Manufacturing with TORR Tubular Technology which stands for reliable and consistent performance.
  • Designed to operate in partial state of charge condition.
  • Ideally designed for cyclic application.
  • Superior voltage and energy output profile.
  • Excellent charging efficiency: AH efficiency - In excess of 90% * WH efficiency - In excess of 80%
  • Service life comparable with the best of the international brands.
  • Designed cycle life at C10 discharge at 25°C : *1500 cycles to 80% DOD * 3000 cycles to 50% DOD * 5000 cycles to 20% DOD
  • Supplied in factory charged condition - ensures optimal quality and ready to us.
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low rate of self discharge
Module Mounting Structures
Photovoltaic mounting systems are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs, empty plots etc. These mounting systems enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs or as part of the structure of the building.

maxSOLAR offers reliable solar panel mounting structures for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects and often include stamped engineering. We assure our customers with the satisfaction of knowing that this custom designed mounting structures are made with the intentions of making installation cost effective and easy.

The general types of Photovoltaic mounting systems are:
  • Fixed Tilt
  • Single-Axis Tilt
  • Dual-Axis Tilt
Solar Intelligent Controllers
Upgrade to Solar based Backup, by adding Solar to your existing home UPS using Solar Intelligent Controller.


  • Intelligent controller keeps the batteries safe
  • Maintains peak efficiency as high as 99%
  • Monitors the currents flowing into and out of the batteries from not just Solar PV but from the Inverter/ UPS and to the Loads too
  • Maintains an ideal charge rate that keeps the batteries safe
  • Uses Maximum Power Point Tracking to extract maximum power possible from the installed PV panels
Solar Accessories
Prominent and leading exporter and supplier from Chennai, maxSOLAR offer solar panel accessories such as MC4 Connectors, Solar DC Cables and Branch Connectors, Crimping tools etc which are essential for the proper installation of a Solar Power Plant.